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Derek Hoffman RIP Brother
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We are now accepting and encouraging pre-entries for all our events. Please click on the button below to enter and pay via pay-pal. (Pay-Pal account not needed, you can use your debit or credit card). We will now have a speedier "Pre-Entry" line, where you will just simply need to check in to sign your waiver and get your row assignment. In the event you are unable to make the event, we will either apply your fee to another event or refund it at your discretion. Pre-Entry will close on the Thursday night previous to each event. We do not do pre-entry for Saturday events, and you must be a series member to use the pre-entry function. If you are not a member, you can take care of everything at the event. 
Minor release form: MUST BE SIGNED BY BOTH PARENTS AND is good for the whole season. Please don't show up without it completed, your child will be really disappointed. AMA Membership/number is not required, please disregard on form. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The 2019 CORCS series is brought to you courtesy of our friends over at the Law Offices of Peter Anderson. Peter is a fellow competitor who's will to win on the race course, is only second to his will to win in the courtroom. If you are ever in need of representation in an injury related case, click on the link below to see if they can help you get what you deserve. 
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Our new medical SXS acquired through great help from the Law Offices of Peter Anderson and Apex Sports!

Ok.....enough of the quiet around this place! We're finally gearing up for Season Kickoff and Awards and we're getting down to the business of locating a new insurance carrier and putting a 2020 schedule together. 

The final points have been tallied and are posted. We have adjusted the schedule for the canceled event, still one drop for the season, four races required to qualify for year end award. Awards are for top 30% per class. We will have an awards list up shortly. 

Please check your results for errors and get back to us if you see a problem

In the case of a tie, our rules are:

Year end points ties will be broken in the following order: 

1) The rider who accumulates the points total in fewest events. Ex: One rider gets points for five events, the other takes six events to gain the same # of points. The rider who completed in five events wins the tie breaker based on lower scores per event. 

2) In case of the same number of events, the rider who finished higher in the last head to head competition breaks the tie. 

We will have a date and location for Kick Off and Awards soon announced soon. Stay Tuned!

2019 Award Winners Here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



1) 2020 Season Kickoff and Awards Presentation will be Feb. 15 at 2 Penguins Tap and Grill in Centennial. 
    More info to follow

2) We are excited to welcome back the Law Offices of Peter Anderson as our title sponsor for 2020!

3) CORCS will be returning to Aztec for Round 1 on Mar. 14/15, mark your calendars

4) 2020 membership will open Jan. 1. Returning riders from 2019 have priority to retain their number until Feb. 1, at which time all remaining numbers will be available on a first come basis. 

5) Any business's interested in being an associate sponsor for the 2020 season can contact us at

6) 2020 Class advancements will be posted shortly

7) Rule change to be aware of for 2020:
    Except in the "A" division where there is no class separation, "open" will mean 300cc    and larger. 250's will no longer be allowed in "Open B or C" This is to prevent overcrowding on those start lines.