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Derek Hoffman RIP Brother
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We are now accepting and encouraging pre-entries for all our events. Please click on the button below to enter and pay via pay-pal. (Pay-Pal account not needed, you can use your debit or credit card). We will now have a speedier "Pre-Entry" line, where you will just simply need to check in to sign your waiver and get your row assignment. In the event you are unable to make the event, we will either apply your fee to another event or refund it at your discretion. Pre-Entry will close on the Thursday night previous to each event. 
Minor release form: MUST BE SIGNED BY BOTH PARENTS AND is good for the whole season. Please don't show up without it completed, your child will be really disappointed.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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     Pictures from our new venue in Florence for the April event
Images from the Cactus Flats Venue on May 14

If you loved the last event, you're probably gonna love this one just the same. We've got about five miles of high desert terrain in store for you, occupying about 1,000 acres. This is the largest property we've ever run on. What that means, is that the course is very spread out, without any turns or straights in close proximity to each other. Pretty much, just a big five mile circle of virgin, hilly, Juniper tree populated desert, with a few sandwashes and some rocks and gullies thrown in for good measure. Because of the spread out nature of the course, and lack of any jumps, there will not be any parade laps this round. The course will be well marked, and quite burned in after the first event. 

Race Notes for the Law Offices of Peter Anderson, Cactus Flats HS:

1) Camping is allowed at the race site, no campfires. Gates will open approx. 2pm on Fri. Please don't arrive before that. 

2) The directions are on the flyer, the road in will be arrowed ​from Galbreath Rd. Your GPS will probably not recognize the property address. It really is as simple as it reads. Find the intersection of Pueblo Blvd. and Northern in Pueblo. Head west on Hwy. 78, 7 mi. to Galbreath Rd. on your right, then go straight on dirt rd. for about 5 mi. to pits. 

3) This is a private, working ranch. Nobody is ever invited there to ride before, or after the event. Please respect the property owner. 

4) All racers under 18 must have a notarized release signed by both parents on file. It is available to print directly above the flyer here. If in doubt, contact us for more info. 

5) We will have a loop available for the kids to ride on Sunday. Frankly, we had quite a problem with youngsters speeding around the pits last round, and lot's of pit riders without helmets. There was a youngster killed at an MX race in Denver awhile back because of this behavior, and we're not going to have this happen at a CORCS event. So......we will be clamping down on pit racing and helmets from here on out. We will have a loop this time, but it will rarely be the case. Parents, this is a race weekend, not a play area. We completely understand the challenges of trying to keep the kiddos occupied through the weekend, and we will do our best to assist when possible, but for the safety of everybody, we ask that all parents develop a plan to keep the kids in check through the weekend. 

6) Saturday racers, please note the schedule for the day on the flyer. 

7) Pre-entry is now open. To keep the lines moving as quickly as possible, we ask that riders in the first race, C2, pre-enter if possible to prevent a delay in the race program. Entry will open at 10am on Sat. for kids classes, and at noon till four or so for big bikes. Entry will open again at 6 am Sunday. 

8) Keep in mind all you A/B and C1 racers, we do have a "Sportsman" class in the C2 event that will allow you to pre-ride/race the course before your event. Only $20 if entered in another race. 

There will be a final race notes update a couple of days preceding race weekend. 
The 2017 CORCS series is brought to you courtesy of our friends over at the Law Offices of Peter Anderson. Peter is a fellow competitor who's will to win on the race course, is only second to his will to win in the courtroom. If you are ever in need of representation in an injury related case, click on the link below to see if they can help you get what you deserve.