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Our Sponsors:
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Derek Hoffman RIP Brother
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We are now accepting and encouraging pre-entries for all our events. Please click on the button below to enter and pay via pay-pal. (Pay-Pal account not needed, you can use your debit or credit card). We will now have a speedier "Pre-Entry" line, where you will just simply need to check in to sign your waiver and get your row assignment. In the event you are unable to make the event, we will either apply your fee to another event or refund it at your discretion. Pre-Entry will close on the Thursday night previous to each event. We do not do pre-entry for Saturday events, and you must be a series member to use the pre-entry function. If you are not a member, you can take care of everything at the event. 
Minor release form: MUST BE SIGNED BY BOTH PARENTS AND is good for the whole season. Please don't show up without it completed, your child will be really disappointed. AMA Membership/number is not required, please disregard on form. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The 2018 CORCS series is brought to you courtesy of our friends over at the Law Offices of Peter Anderson. Peter is a fellow competitor who's will to win on the race course, is only second to his will to win in the courtroom. If you are ever in need of representation in an injury related case, click on the link below to see if they can help you get what you deserve. 
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         Motorcycle Repair and Service 
1139 Atchison Court, Castle Rock  80109
                   303 663-5857

Final Notes for Law Offices of Peter Anderson CORCS season finale at Jewell MX. 

Pre-Entry is open now until 10/4 at 9pm. 

You will notice some changes to the normal schedule: 

1) For starters, we have a make up race for the C2's that got rained out at RAM. This race is limited only to riders who were entered in the rained out event. It is no charge to participate and an opportunity to improve upon your finish from RAM. This will add an extra drop to your season, and a good finish could negate a bad one from earlier in the season. It is not mandatory to participate, your RAM finish will count if you don't. Don't try and pre-enter for this event. We will have a list of eligible riders, just check in. C2's normal event will be later in the day. It will be a 45 min event. 

2) Also notice we won't have "parade" laps, but a morning and afternoon practice session instead. With the extra race and shorter day, we have to compress the schedule. This also means slightly shorter than normal races in all classes. 

3) The MX track will be open for normal practice at the facility's normal rate on Sat. 

4) Please note, the gate fee for this weekend is $15, camping fee is $10 per night. The facility accepts cash only at the gate, so come prepared. No cards, no checks please. Gates close at 8pm Fri and Sat. evening

5) If you've never raced with us before, no worries. Everything you need to do can be taken care of at sign up. Just arrive an hour or more before your scheduled event/practice to get it handled.

6) Pre-Entry is now open until Thur. 10/4 at 9pm.

7) There will not be a food vendor this weekend......sorry

8) The cross country section outside of the MX track is all new! We will not be using the field we have in the past. Shawn has cut all new track into the flat near the intermediate track and into the grassy area to the east. This should allow a lot more access for the water truck and hopefully a lot less dust
9) Riders meeting for Saturday events, 11:30 at the trailer, followed by parade's and racing.

8) Sunday riders meetings will be on the start line approx. 10 min before each event.

9) All minors must have a notarized release signed by both parents (or separate one from each parent) on file before they will be allowed to participate. The release in printable form is located directly above this text. Please bring it with you to the event. If you have already submitted one, it is good for the whole season. We do have an notary on hand if both parents are present.

10) For all the latest information throughout the race weekend, subscribe to our Text Interactions hot line.Text: CORCS to 856 888-4636. This will send updates and info to you all through the weekend. We may update status periodically on the FB page also, but the texts come to you, you don't have to look for them.

11) Jerry Cutright will be on hand as usual, sponsoring the kids raffle at Saturday sign up, followed by 9 square from 5-7pm and Dirt Chruch at 7:30. They will also be sponsoring a season end burgers and dogs BBQ at their camp, please plan to join us. Times may vary depending upon the finish times of the Jr. events. Last events raffle winners are: Tanner Kemp, Caroline Plummer and Jaxson Greeno

12) As one of the newer sponsors of our series, we will have Amsoil motorcycle products available for purchase at the sign up trailer. 4 St. motor oil, 2 st. gear oil and Pre-Mix on hand. All other oil types can be delivered to future events with prior request.

13) 5th Gear Motos will be on hand with their shiny new 28' trailer selling supplies and a selection of used bikes to peruse........make sure you check 'em out

WE HAVE UPDATED THE RACE ORDER.......Quads are now moved to the end of the day, and all other classes have been moved forward.......please recheck your race time