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We are now accepting and encouraging pre-entries for all our events. Please click on the button below to enter and pay via pay-pal. (Pay-Pal account not needed, you can use your debit or credit card). We will now have a speedier "Pre-Entry" line, where you will just simply need to check in to sign your waiver and get your row assignment. In the event you are unable to make the event, we will either apply your fee to another event or refund it at your discretion. Pre-Entry will close on the Thursday night previous to each event. 
Minor release form: MUST BE SIGNED BY BOTH PARENTS AND is good for the whole season. Please don't show up without it completed, your child will be really disappointed.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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     Pictures from our new venue in Florence for the April event
Images from the Cactus Flats Venue on Oct. 29
The 2017 CORCS series is brought to you courtesy of our friends over at the Law Offices of Peter Anderson. Peter is a fellow competitor who's will to win on the race course, is only second to his will to win in the courtroom. If you are ever in need of representation in an injury related case, click on the link below to see if they can help you get what you deserve. 

The 2017 season went out with a bang at Cactus Flats! The all new venue delivered a dusty, but super fun all natural terrain course, particularly for the A/B riders who enjoyed an extended, more challenging course laid out by Pat Donatelli and Tad Wojtyczka. Congratulations to Ian Blythe on the O/A motorcycle win, Brian Barsh on the O/A Quad win and championship, and really everyone who stuck it out to the finish on a demanding course. 

A few notes moving forward: 

The awards ceremony is scheduled for the afternoon of Jan 20. It will be indoors in Castle Rock, and we're working to make it extra fun. At that time we'll introduce the new schedule, class advancements, open 2018 membership and have the whole lowdown on the upcoming season. 

There seems to be some confusion on the change in policy to allow riders with four finishes to receive a year end award, rather than five as originally stated at the beginning of the year. The confusion seems to lie in the thought that any rider with only four finishes would be disqualified from their finish, and riders with five finishes would bump up and take their year end position. For example: A particular class has five year end trophy positions. Riders 1,2,3 and 5 all have five or more finishes and are eligible, but rider 4 only has four finishes and isn't eligible. That doesn't mean, rider 5 bumps up and takes over 4th position, it just means rider 4 doesn't get a trophy, and rider 5 is still 5th and gets a fifth place trophy. All we did is open up the 4th position to be eligible to get the award he earned. No positions change, everybody has the finishing position they earned, we're just giving out more trophies. We made this choice in an effort to be more inclusive, recognizing more riders for what they earned, and hopefully, contribute to the participation and fun at the awards presentation.  

Congratulations to everyone who finished out the year and won a year end award, we'll have a list of award winners posted in December. 

And......while we are here, I will take a moment to address advancement and riders who consistently win in the B/C classes. At the end of each season, I will look at the top riders in each class and score them for advancement based on top finishes. It doesn't necessarily apply only to class winners. A guy who only raced two races, but won them both may get advanced. A guy who finished 2nd in class, but had all mediocre finishes and got points through maxing out eligible finishes may not. What happens then, is the guys who stayed in the class, hopefully, now have the opportunity to move up and have top finishes the following season. Usually, like this past season, a couple of middle of the pack guys decide to take things seriously, get a new bike, a fresh attitude and then go on to dominate their class that following year. Then, a couple races in, I get complaints that they're too fast for the class and should be bumped, when the previous season they showed no clue that was going to happen. A few things about that: I don't have a crystal ball, I can't tell when someone is going to take things seriously and reach for the next level in their personal growth, I can only measure their success from their past performance. Secondly, once the season has started, I'm not going to deny somebody their opportunity to excel. If I bumped up riders every time they won a couple of races, the B/C championships would go to the last man standing. Thirdly, every A rider was once a C rider who pushed himself forward. There is nothing special about them, it is accessible to all who have the desire. And finally, we do closely watch the results of new riders just joining the circuit, and if any appear to be too fast for the class, we will bump them on the spot. We have no way of knowing the ability level of somebody new to racing with us, but we do keep an eye out for that. 

Special thanks to all my crew and their families, who really give of themselves to make this all happen: Olivia, Tyler and Victoria Pennington, Jud, Tina and Kolton Barlow, Pat and Blake Donatelli, Tad and Kuba Wojtyczaka, Brad Smith, Larry Jamison, Alec and Ethan Morefield, Ray and Emily Barnard, Courtney Deitrick, Kelley Pate, and Steve and Sara Barr. Also thanks to this incomplete list of those that lend a hand along the way: Travis Hanson, The Hernandez family, Jeff Engle, Levi Akers, Fritz Stubbe, Josh Aumiller, Brian Walburn and a whole host of others. Can't happen without all of them!

Special Thanks also to our 2017 Sponsors: The Law Offices of Peter Anderson, Endurospec Suspension, Rocky Mountain ATV and M/C, Super B Batteries, Apex Sports, BRP, Sara's Custom Images, Old Trapper, Topar Racing, Peak Equipment Solutions and One Shot Graphics. 

Hope to see you all at the awards celebration!