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Derek Hoffman RIP Brother
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We are now accepting and encouraging pre-entries for all our events. Please click on the button below to enter and pay via pay-pal. (Pay-Pal account not needed, you can use your debit or credit card). We will now have a speedier "Pre-Entry" line, where you will just simply need to check in to sign your waiver and get your row assignment. In the event you are unable to make the event, we will either apply your fee to another event or refund it at your discretion. Pre-Entry will close on the Thursday night previous to each event. We do not do pre-entry for Saturday events, and you must be a series member to use the pre-entry function. If you are not a member, you can take care of everything at the event. 
Minor release form: MUST BE SIGNED BY BOTH PARENTS AND is good for the whole season. Please don't show up without it completed, your child will be really disappointed. AMA Membership/number is not required, please disregard on form. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The 2019 CORCS series is brought to you courtesy of our friends over at the Law Offices of Peter Anderson. Peter is a fellow competitor who's will to win on the race course, is only second to his will to win in the courtroom. If you are ever in need of representation in an injury related case, click on the link below to see if they can help you get what you deserve. 
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2018 Awards Winners >>>>>>>>>>>

Our new medical SXS acquired through great help from the Law Offices of Peter Anderson and Apex Sports!

Final Notes for The Fountain Creek Hare Scramble presented by the Law Offices of Peter Anderson

1) We anticipate another busy weekend, so if you can, please pre-enter, particularly C2's. We intend to get the C2 parade lap off on time and straight to the start line afterward, so you won't want to be standing in line when that happens. Pre-entry is open until 9 pm. Thursday, new membership is closed until after the event. If you need a membership, you can take care of it at the track. Saturday sign up will open at 9:30, maybe earlier if we have it together. Sunday racers can sign up after noon on Saturday also, and Sunday sign up will open at 6:00 am.

2) C1's and A/B's also have the option of riding Unclassified or Sportsman to get some track time before their event. Second classes are only $20.

3) Gates will open at 2pm on Friday. They will be open all night for late comers, but please check in with the gate crew in the morning to purchase your wristband.

4) Directions: Take I-25 to the PPIR Nascar track exit #122. Go to the east side of the Hwy. Frontage Road. Immediately after descending the overpass ramp, you will cross a double set of railroad tracks. Follow the road about another 100 yds. to the second driveway on your right. That is the entrance and it will be marked with arrows. Follow the driveway all the way around the nice Spanish Style house to the left and follow the road in to the pits.

5) Numbers: If you are a first time racer with us, we will assign you an available number of your choice at the event. We have nice vinyl numbers available on site for only $1 ea. They will easily peel off after the event without damage to what's below. For returning racers, we will no longer allow cobbled up numbers. In addition to the electronic scoring, we hand record every rider coming through. We need to be able to read your numbers from as far away as possible. The only acceptable numbers moving forward are printed graphics, die-cut numbers like sold in shops, or our supplied numbers. If you don't have the correct number on your bike, clear and easy to read, bring an extra $6 to buy some from us. We will no longer allow duct or electric tape numbers, or a single one of our numbers added to an existing printed number. I have instructed the girls to sell numbers only in what is needed. No single numbers will be sold. We will be looking at the beginning of the sight laps and you will be sent back to sign up if you are not in compliance. This will be the policy moving forward. We don't mean to take a hard line on this, but it is just too difficult to score properly otherwise and not fair to us or your fellow competitors.

6) The "Crash Site" food truck will be on hand through the weekend, please support them if you can.

7) All minors must have a notarized release signed by both parents (or a separate one from each parent) on file before they will be allowed to participate. The release in printable form is located directly above this text. Please bring it with you to the event.

9) As is usual practice, our friend Jerry from FCA will be on hosting 9 square and dirt chapel starting at 8pm.

10) If you have a plaque or tag coming from the 12 Hr. event, we will have them on hand. Unclaimed tags will be mailed out next week. 

11) T-Shirt Blowout.........all remaining T-Shirts on hand are only $15 while supplies last. It's not too early to Christmas shop....