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The Saturday Kids and Women and Quad Beg. classes are as follows:  

Noon: Riders meeting, followed by parade lap. Racing starts immediately after parade lap in the following order: 

Mini 2
Mini 4 and Mini 4 7-11
Mini 1
Mini 3 and Women Beg.
Mini Quad and Beg. Quad

This is not a "random" order, it is designed so that the kids can run two classes without them being back to back. We realize that it's kind of a bummer that Mini 3/Women always goes last, but that gives those riders the opportunity to race Mini 2 or Mini 4 also, and vice-versa. 

Mini races run about 30 min. each, sometimes a little less for the 1's and a little more for the 4's depending on conditions. 
First class entered is $30, add'l classes are $15 for members, add $10 for non-members. 

On Sunday, we run the big bikes and quads. We have four races and run a very tight schedule. The riders meeting is at the start line, at the beginning of each parade lap. Typically, we will run C1, C2 and A/B's in that order, with the quads alternating between being the first or last race of the day. But, the schedule may vary, so check a couple weeks ahead of each event for times. C's and Quads race for 90 min., A/B's go for two hours. There is also an "Unclassified" class that runs on the front row of the C1 race. This is a class available to those wishing for a little warm up event before the A/B event, or just for those who are not C riders, but would like to run a shorter event. The entry for this class is only $20 if entered in the A/B event, no trophies or points. Entry Fees are $45 for Members, or $42 if pre-entered on line by the Thur. before each event. Add $10 for non-members. On-Line pre-entries are 100% refundable in case you can't make it. Pro Entry Fee is $60 at race only. 
All entries receive a $10 "Gas Card" from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC every event. 

Classes in C1 Race: Unclassified, all Vintage/Bomber's, Sen. 40+ C, Sup. Sen. 50+ C, Sup 60+Youth 12-16, and Women. 
Classes in C2 Race: Open C, 250C, Vet C,                                                                                                   Classes in A/B Race: All A/B Open, Vet, Sr 40+ and Sup. Sr. 50+                                                                   Classes in Quad Race: All A/B/C


Pro: $500 + 100% of pro entry fees, paid back 30%

All Others: Award Plaques with tag spots for each event. Placement tags paid back 30%, all others get a "finisher" tag to fill the spot.  

New for 2016: All riders under 18 must have a notarized release form, signed by both parents on file to participate. This form can be downloaded from the home page and mailed in, or brought to the event. It is a insurance requirement, there will be no exceptions, don't disappoint your child. 

The 12 hr. event is a stand-alone, non series, non points event. It is a 12 hr. team race for up to four riders and bikes per team. More info as we near the event date.