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The Saturday Kids and Women and Quad Beg. classes are as follows:  

Noon: Riders meeting, followed by parade lap. Racing starts immediately after parade lap. Race order changes from one event to another, but is listed in order for that event on the flyer. 

Mini races run about 30 min. each, sometimes a little less for the 1's and a little more for the 4's depending on conditions. 
First class entered is $35, add'l classes are $20 for members, add $10 for first class for non-members. 

On Sunday, we run the big bikes and quads. We have four races and run a very tight schedule. The riders meeting is at the start line, at the beginning of each parade lap. Typically, we will run C1, C2 and A/B's in that order, with the quads alternating between being the first or last race of the day. But, the schedule may vary, so check a couple weeks ahead of each event for times. C's and Quads race for 90 min., A/B's go for two hours. There is also an "Unclassified" class that runs on the front row of the C1 race. This is a class available to those wishing for a little warm up event before the A/B event, or just for those who are not C riders, but would like to run a shorter event. The entry for this class is only $25 if entered in the A/B event, no trophies or points. Entry Fees are $55 for Members, or $50 if pre-entered on line by the Thur. before each event. Add $10 for non-members. On-Line pre-entries are 100% refundable in case you can't make it. Pro Entry Fee is $60 at race, $65 pre-entry. Pre-Entry is for members only, non members enter on-site. 
All entries receive a $10 "Gas Card" from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC every event. 

Classes in C1 Race: Unclassified, all Vintage/Bomber's, Sen. 40+ C, Sup. Sen. 50+ C, Sup 60+Youth 12-16, and Women. 
Classes in C2 Race: Open C, 250C, Vet C,                                                                                                   Classes in A/B Race: All A/B Open, Vet, Sr 40+ and Sup. Sr. 50+                                                                   Classes in Quad Race: All A/B/C


Pro: $500 + 100% of pro entry fees, paid back 30%

All Others: Award Plaques with tag spots for each event. Placement tags paid back 30%, all others get a "finisher" tag to fill the spot.  

All riders under 18 must have a notarized release form, signed by both parents on file to participate. This form can be downloaded from the home page and mailed in, or brought to the event. It is a insurance requirement, there will be no exceptions, don't disappoint your child. 
Minor Release form version to print >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Must be on file to participate!!!!

There are seven series events for bikes, best six count, four races needed for year end awards
There are five series events for quads, all count, four races needed for year end awards
The 12 Hr. event is not a points event. 

The schedule is subject to changes, check back regularly