Q: How do I sign up? 

A: You can sign up at the event on race day, or if you are a member, you can pre-register on-line. Sign-up is open till 1:15, so if you are in the afternoon race, you won't need to be there in the morning. 

Q: Can I practice on the course? 

A: CORCS courses are NOT open for practice once marking begins. There is a sight lap before each event on race day, and some of the facilities are open for riding the week/weekend before an event.  

Q: What is the difference between a Hare Scrambles (HS) and a Gran Prix (GP)?

A: CORCS defines a Hare Scrambles to be run over a primarily natural terrain course, while a GP will have man made, usually motocross elements to it. 

Q: Will I have enough gas to finish? 

A: All events will have a pit stop area where you can gas up during the race. 

Q: Do I need a spark arrestor?

A: No, all of our courses are on private land. 

Q: Is camping allowed?

A: Yes, camping is allowed and encouraged at all our events, make a weekend of it. 

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Rules and FAQ's



You must ride the highest class you have competed in with any other organization in the past two years. Exceptions can be made with permission of the race director, contact us to discuss. Any rider found to be riding in a class below their established skill level, will either have their position adjusted to the proper class, or will be DQ'd, depending on what is most applicable at the discretion of the race director. 

Pro:      This class is a race for money only, no trophies, Pro purse at all events is $500 for first place + 100% payback to top 30%. Race director will calculate payback on a per race basis depending on number of entries.

Open A/B/C:      Enter these classes based on your skill level with any other racing organizations. Entry level racers should enter the C class.

Vet/Sen/Sup.Sen/Masters/Jr. Series:  You must ride the class you are old enough for at the day of the race. If you are riding for series points, but will be having a birthday during the series, your points will not transfer to the new class if you change. 

Women: Any displacement C level skill level. Advanced skilled women should ride in regular skill classes.

Women Vet: Same as women, except 30+ year old. 

Quads:  Enter these classes based on your skill level with any other racing organizations. Entry level racers should enter the C class.  

Vintage:   Vintage class is for '74 and earlier models, Post Vintage is for '75 and newer, Drum Brakes only. Bomber class is for bikes 20 yrs. and older, no restrictions. No skill classes. Vintage class will run on the last line in the C race. 

​Unclassified: This event runs with the "C1" race on the front row. This class pays no points or trophies. It is for Non C riders who choose not to ride a regular A/B class, or in addition to the A/B or Quad class for those riders wishing for extra ride time. regular entry fees apply, except when in addition to a second class, then entry is 50%. 

Sportsman: Same as Unclassified, but runs in the last row of the "C2" event. 

Mini 1 PW50 (Pee Wee) 50cc only 4-6 Yrs.
Mini 2 50cc Two Str. / 70-110cc Four Str. 7-10 Yrs.  
​Mini 3 65cc Two Str. / Up to 125cc Four Str. 12 Yrs. Max
Mini 4 85-105cc Two Str. / Up to 150cc Four Str. 7-11 Yrs.
Mini 4 85-105cc Two Str. / Up to 150cc Four Str. 16 Yrs. Max
Wom Beg. Any Displacement All
Wom Vet Beg. Any Displacement 30+ yrs old
Quad Beginner Any age, 250cc max, absolute beginners only
Mini Quad 1 4-7 yrs 50cc Max
Mini Quad 2 8-12 90cc max


 The number you are assigned is your permanent number for the series. You can register on the “membership” page here, or at any event. If you are riding both quads and bikes, you will have the same number for both.

Recommended Backgrounds:

Pro Blue/Wht Numbers
A Red/Wht Numbers
B Yellow/Blk Numbers
C Black/Wht Numbers
Mini Wht/Blk Numbers

Backgrounds are not required but will make it easier for scoring and for your fellow racers to know who they are racing against. 

Numbers 1-10 will be reserved for the ten highest motorcycle points scorers to run for 2018. Numbers 11-20 are reserved for use by the discretion of CORCS.

Year End Points:

There are seven races for 2018, there is one drop. That means your best six finishes count no matter how many events you race. You must race at least five events to qualify for year end awards. 

One day memberships do receive points towards year end awards. 

Year end points ties will be broken in the following order: 

1) The rider who accumulates the points total in fewest events. Ex: One rider gets points for five events, the other takes six events to gain the same # of points. The rider who completed in five events wins the tie breaker based on lower scores per event. 

2) In case of the same number of events, the rider who finished higher in the last head to head competition breaks the tie. 


All B/C and Youth class riders are subject to advancement the following season when:

1) 75% of their finishes are in the top 30% of class
2) 1st O/A finish of all riders in their division anytime during the season. 
 ( It is our position that a rider starting the season, should be allowed to finish the season in that class, regardless of winning percentage, provided that rider does not compete in a higher classification in another series, or is known as a more skilled rider otherwise) 

Pit Stops:

1) There will be a designated area for pit stops at all events. This is the only place refueling is permitted during and event per insurance and fire regulations. Penalty for infraction is disqualification.

2) Rider may have no more than two pit crew members in pit area. 

3) No spectating in pit area. If you are not in there to specifically support your rider, you don't belong there. 


1) No pit racing or riding…….5mph to/from start line only
2) No cutting the course. Time penalty at race directors discretion for blatant cutting
3) Intentionally interfering with or endangering any other racer or spectator is grounds for immediate disqualification

Cancellations or reschedules: 

Any cancellation or reschedule of an event prior to race day will have any pre-entry fees refunded. 

If an event is interrupted or stopped while in progress, due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstance, it will be be deemed final as long as one full lap has been completed. If any individual races are unable to be run on race day, due to the same circumstance, those events will be transferred to an upcoming event where a "make up" race will be scheduled. Depending on the circumstance, the promoter may opt to do a complete make up event at their discretion. Refunds will not be given for any race that completes a lap, or is rescheduled for a "make up" date. Refunds will only be given for a complete cancellation of an event. 

Please check weather conditions before heading out to any event and be sure you are comfortable with the risks.   

Race Day Refunds:

If, after the parade lap, you feel uncomfortable with course conditions, weather conditions, your personal or machine condition, or anything else, you may proceed directly to the sign up trailer for a refund or future event voucher (at the promoters discretion). If you choose to compete after the parade lap, you are acknowledging you are comfortable with all the above listed conditions and willing and able to compete. Your entry fee will be considered final once you leave the start line. Refunds do not include gate fee, only entry fee. 

Pics by Sara Barr