Q: How do I sign up? 

A: You can sign up at the event on race day, or if you are a member, you can pre-register on-line. Sign-up is open till 1:15, so if you are in the afternoon race, you won't need to be there in the morning. 

Q: Can I practice on the course? 

A: CORCS courses are NOT open for practice once marking begins. There is a sight lap before each event on race day, and some of the facilities are open for riding the week/weekend before an event.  

Q: What is the difference between a Hare Scrambles (HS) and a Gran Prix (GP)?

A: CORCS defines a Hare Scrambles to be run over a primarily natural terrain course, while a GP will have man made, usually motocross elements to it. 

Q: Will I have enough gas to finish? 

A: All events will have a pit stop area where you can gas up during the race. 

Q: Do I need a spark arrestor?

A: No, all of our courses are on private land. 

Q: Is camping allowed?

A: Yes, camping is allowed and encouraged at all our events, make a weekend of it. 

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Rules and FAQ's

Revised: 1/5/20
The following rules and regulations are solely applicable to Colorado Off-road Championship Series (CORCS) events. Please direct all questions and inquiries to CORCS Staff. All decisions by CORCS are final.
1.Minimum Age Requirement: Riders must meet the minimum age requirements in order to compete on the following machines: 
Mini 14-6PW 50, Honda 50, and KTM Jr 50. NO FAST 50’s
Mini 210 yrs max50cc 2 Stroke, 70cc-110cc 4 Stroke
Mini 312 yrs max65cc 2 Stroke, Max 110cc 4 Stroke
Mini 47-11 yrs85-105cc 2 Stroke, 150cc 4 stroke Max
Mini 4 12-16 Yrs 85-105CC 2 Stroke, 150cc 4 Stroke Max
Mini Quad 14-750cc
Mini Quad 211 yrs max90cc
Beginner QuadAllMin 90cc 2 Stk - 250cc 4-Stk Max
Women Beg12+ Up to 200cc 2-Stk, 300cc 4-stk M/C Only
Women Vet Beg30+Up to 250cc 2-Stk; 350cc 4-Stk M/C Only

2.Race Length: All race times weather permitting. 
Bike Pro, A, B1:45 + 1 lap
Bike C1 and C21:15 + 1 lap
Bike Youth1:15 + 1 lap
Bike Saturday Kids25-40 min
ATV A, B, C1:15 + 1 lap
ATV Kids/Beginner30 Min

3.Inclement Weather:
Events may be conducted regardless of weather conditions. In the event of rain or other unfavorable conditions, it may be necessary to alter the order of the event schedule, including but not limited to, adjusting the length of the race or delaying or stopping the program completely. Should a delay occur, every effort will be made to resume the schedule in a timely fashion if conditions significantly improve. 
4.Medical Insurance: CORCS Racing does not provide medical insurance for competitors, and we urge you not to compete without it. Medical insurance is the sole responsibility of the competitor.
1."A" Classes
a. Bikes: All riders in the top 10 overall ranking in any regional or state off-road series the previous year.
  ATV: All riders in the top 10% overall ranking in any regional or state off-road series the previous year.
b. All "B" class champions and "B" riders ranked 2nd or 3rd overall in the previous year's CORCS, WeBe or RMEC series.
c. "B" riders in the previous year's CORCS who won at least 50% of their races in a “B” division.
d. Riders that have an "A" ranking in any other off-road series. This applies to both AMA and non-AMA sanctioned events.
2."B" Classes
a. Riders with a "B" ranking in any other off-road series (AMA and non-AMA sanctioned events). WeBe or RMEC.
c. "C" class champions and "C" riders ranked 2nd or 3rd in the previous year's CORCS who won at least 50% of their races. Ranking is based on year-end series points and not banquet awards.
d. Age Divisions:
  In lieu of advancing to “B”, riders ranked 2nd or 3rd in the previous year's CORCS may advance to the next younger “C” division. Once this option is exercised, the rider may not return to the older age division for at least 1 year. 
  ii. For the ATV C division only, riders ranked 2nd or 3rd in the previous year's CORCS may advance to the “B” division. Once this option is exercised, the rider may not return to the younger age division.
  iii. The option to move to a younger/older “C” age division in lieu of advancing to “B” may be exercised only once. Thereafter, the rider must move to the “B” division if advanced.
3."C" Classes: Novice skill level riders and riders that do not otherwise qualify as an “A” or “B” level rider..
4.Youth Classes: No “A class” riders are permitted to compete in any “Youth” class. AMA Racing Rule, Section 2.1.E.1.e. Hence, Youth riders are prohibited from competing in any “A” division in any non-CORCS off-road event/series. 
5.Sportsman/Unclassified: Open to any rider who wishes to compete for fun. No awards or points are provided, however CORCS number and transponder rules apply.
6.Age Divisions: For all Youth classes, age is determined by the rider’s age on the day of the first race of the season. However, a youth rider may voluntarily advance to a higher age division if he will be eligible to do so at any time during the year, but once a youth rider advances to the higher age division, he may not return to the younger age division. For all other classes, the age of the rider is determined as of the date of the event. However, riders competing in a younger age division are not required to move to an older age division once they become eligible to do so.
7.Changing Classes: A rider may petition to move to a lower classification based on class finishes and time differences. However, in order to do so, the rider must first petition the Race Director in writing prior to moving to lower class.
8.Rider Advancement: Riders advanced in their local series prior to completion of the CORCS series may continue to compete in the CORCS class in which they started the season, so long as they do not voluntarily compete in the higher classification prior to the start of the next race season of their local series, i.e., RMEC, WeBe, WORCS..
9.Riding Out Of Class: Riders must compete in their designated or assigned skill level and may not “ride down” at CORCS, i.e., riders that compete at the “A” or “B” level in any other series or events must compete at the “A” or “B” level in CORCS. Riders determined to be riding out of class will be removed from the race results and prohibited from competing further in such class, and the class rescored. Objections to class eligibility must be supported by data and will be accepted up to 48 hours after results are posted. Email objections to gp@corcs.net
10. A “B” or “C” rider can be advanced to the next higher division if they show a clear superiority of skills during their first race of the season for the class they are entered in. It is up to the following competitors in that class to bring it to the attention of the race director immediately upon results being posted. 
11.Any rider not protested for riding “out of class” after their first event, will be permitted to finish the season in that class, regardless of winning percentage, provided that rider does not compete in a higher classification in another series or is commonly known as a more skilled rider otherwise. 

a. Open: 251cc and over single cylinder bike engine, so long as the cylinder is stamped with the correct engine displacement. A 250cc machine is NOT eligible for the Open class.
b. 250cc: All 250cc classes are defined as “up to 250cc” 125’s, 200’s etc. are legal.. 
c. Age Group: Vet, Sr. and SSR – Any displacement
d. Mini 1: All “wobbler” 50’s (PW50, TTR50, CRF50F) NO FAST 50’s.
e. Mini 2: 50cc 2 stroke, 70cc 4 Stroke – NO EXCEPTIONS.
f. Mini 3: 65cc 2 Stroke and Max 110cc 4 Stroke. No Big Wheel Machines such as Honda XR 80’s and 100’s with big wheels. 
g. Mini 4: 85-105cc 2 Stroke and 150cc 4 Stroke.
a. Mini Quad 1: 50cc
b. Mini Quad 2: 110cc
c. Quad Beg: 250cc 4-Stk Max
d. A, B, C: Any displacement

The AMA Equipment Standards List in Chapter 2 of the AMA Racing Rulebook applies. In addition, the following apply:
1.Riders may not carry gasoline anywhere except inside the machine's fuel tank. Aftermarket fuel tanks are permitted
2.All machines must have silencers. Spark arrestors not required unless posted on event flyer.
3.All machines must have a working kill switch (bikes) or tether cord (ATV).
4.Paddle tires and studded tires are prohibited.
5.Riders contesting the series should comply with the number plate color code. (See, Website) No grey numbers on white or black backgrounds will be permitted.
6.Numbers: Absolutely no paper plate numbers, electrical tape or duct tape numbers. Numbers must be either preprinted background or use the CORCS style number stickers, left on the backgrounds provided and cannot be “cut out” or Traced onto the number plate. See the section below “Numbers” for more information.

1.Riders must preregister either online or at the registration trailer prior to the start of their respective race. All riders are required to bring their helmet to registration for proper transponder placement and programming.
2.In the event of a co-sanctioned CORCS round, racers challenging points in both the CORCS Series and the co-sanctioning series may compete in more than one race per day upon verification from the co-sanctioning body that the racer is actively challenging points in the co-sanctioned series in the same classes he/she wishes to compete in with CORCS. Upon approval, racers may receive points toward both classes in the co-sanctioning series, but only one race will count for CORCS points.
3.Riders under the age of 18 must provide a signed and notarized minor release waiver for the season prior to racing, and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at registration.
4.Riders must register for the race before riding their machine anywhere, may not exceed 1st gear idle when traveling to/from their pit area, and must always wear a helmet. This includes all kids, and pit help. Warm-up riding is limited to the start area and only after an official has given permission and the rider has registered for the event.
5.Riders must obtain a CORCS approved transponder. Transponders can be purchased/rented at each event. For best results, mount the unit on the underside of your helmet visor.
F. Classes

Pro: This class is a race for money only, no trophies, Pro purse at all events is $500 for first place + 100% payback to top 30%. Race director will calculate payback on a per race basis depending on number of entries.

Open A/B/C: Enter these classes based on your skill level with any other racing organizations. Entry level racers should enter the C class. 251cc Displacement and over only.

Vet/Sen/Sup.Sen/Masters/Jr. Series: You must ride the class you are old enough for at the day of the race. If you are riding for series points, but will be having a birthday during the series, your points will not transfer to the new class if you change. 

Women: Any displacement C level skill level. 

Women Vet: Same as women, except 30+ year old. 

Women Advanced: Any displacement, skill level above “C”

Quads: Enter these classes based on your skill level with any other racing organizations. Entry level racers should enter the C class.  

Vintage: Vintage class is for '74 and earlier models, Post Vintage is for '75 and newer, Drum Brakes only. Bomber class is for bikes 25 yrs. and older, no restrictions. No skill classes. Vintage class will run on the last line in the C1 race. 

Unclassified: This event runs with the "C1" race on the front row. This class pays no points or trophies. It is for riders who choose not to ride a regular class, or in addition to the A/B or class for those riders wishing for extra ride time. Regular entry fees apply, except when in addition to a second class, then entry is 50%. 

Sportsman: Same as Unclassified, but runs in the last row of the "C2" event. 

Mini 1 PW50 (Pee Wee) 50cc only 4-6 Yrs.
Mini 2 50cc Two Str. / 70-110cc Four Str. 7-10 Yrs.  
Mini 3 65cc Two Str. / Up to 110cc Four Str. 12 Yrs. Max
Mini 4 85-105cc Two Str. / Up to 150cc Four Str. 7-11 Yrs.
Mini 4 85-105cc Two Str. / Up to 150cc Four Str. 16 Yrs. Max
Wom Beg. Any Displacement All
Wom Vet Beg. Any Displacement 30+ yrs old
Quad Beginner Any age, 250cc max, absolute beginners only
Mini Quad 1 4-7 yrs 50cc Max
Mini Quad 2 8-12 90cc max

1.Riders shall line up on their assigned Starting Row on a first come basis when directed by the race official. No one is permitted on the Start Line until authorized.
2.The Riders Meeting will be conducted on the Start Line before the start of each race. All riders are responsible for attending. Machines must be dead engine during Riders Meeting.
3.CORCS is a live engine start. When the track is cleared for the start, clutch hand on your helmet.
4.Riders missing the start of their class must enter the race course at the Start Line and complete the start chute.
5.The machine a rider leaves the Start Line with is the official machine of the rider for that event, and may not be switched during the event. If caught switching machines, disqualification will occur.
6.ATV riders are required to start the event with their tether cord properly affixed.

1.A CORCS course may include trails, footpaths, roads, hills, motocross tracks, or any type of terrain which can be negotiated by a motorcycle or ATV.
2.The course will not be open to motorized inspection prior to racing. You may traverse the course by foot for inspection only.
3.Marking, cutting, tampering with or otherwise changing the course in any manner is strictly prohibited. Course modifications may only be made by an official.
4.No one, except officials and riders officially entered in the race program, may ride on the race course at any time during the event.
5.Riders will be disqualified for riding a CORCS course during the 7 days prior to the first day of the event. Official practice days at motocross facilities excluded. 
6.Motocross Tracks: The infield of a motocross track is a restricted area, accessible by race officials and staff only. Trackside pitting is prohibited inside the fence barrier of a motocross track, and team members and race fans must remain outside the fence line.
7.Parade laps will be scheduled for each event when appropriate. In cases where the parade laps have the potential of disrupting the ability to conduct all scheduled races for a given day, the parade laps may be combined, shortened or not offered.
8. Pit Stops: There will be a designated area for pit stops at all events. This is the only place refueling is permitted during an event, per insurance and fire regulations. Penalty for infraction is disqualification. 
1.Rider may have no more than two pit crew members in pit area. 
2.No spectating in pit area
3.Fire extinguishers are in place in pit area, be aware of their location. 

1.Transponder scoring is the official scoring procedure for CORCS. All riders will be required to have a fully-functioning transponder in order to compete. Transponders will be available for either purchase or rental at Rider Registration.
2.The area surrounding the scoring trailer/tent is NOT a spectator viewing area, nor a pit area. A TV Monitor is provided for the racers to quickly see their race position during the event. It is not to be considered the official race results monitor at any time during the race, as things such as faulty transponders or mis-reads can occur, which will affect final results.
3.Do not approach or try to communicate those who are working inside the scoring trailer at any time during the race – they will not answer the question of “What place is rider #xx in?”
4.The scoring lane is a "No Passing" zone, as well as a “No Roost” zone, riders must stay single file and at a slow speed from the entrance ribbon to the end of the exit ribbon where you can resume to race speed.
5.Riders may not be serviced or pitted in the scoring area.
6.Riders MUST obey flagman in the scoring chute. Rider is subject to lap time adjustment penalty for scoring chute infractions.
1.Riders must remain on the marked course. The marked course is within 15 feet of race arrows. However, riders must stay within the confines of the following markers: double arrows posted on both sides of the trail, ribbons, signs, stakes, hay bales, barrels, motocross track, grass track, etc..
2.Riders encountering a traffic jam or bottleneck may go more than 15 feet off the course to get around the bottleneck only. However, the rider must re-enter the course as soon as possible, and upon approaching this section the next lap, must ride the original arrowed section if the track is clear. If the original marking devices are knocked down, the rider must stay on the original marked course regardless. A "bottleneck" is a section of the track that becomes impassable for any reason, with the exception of scoring.
3.Riders may not cut to the inside of a corner marker.
4.If a rider leaves the course for any reason they must re-enter where they left the course.
5.Riders may make repairs and otherwise receive mechanical assistance anywhere along the course from anyone. All such repairs and assistance must be made without causing interference with other riders and in a suitable area off the racetrack.
6.Radios are permitted between pit crew members, but not with or between riders.
7.Reckless Riding. No rider may ride in such a manner as to endanger life or limb of other riders, officials or the public. Riders will be penalized for the reckless operation of their machine, including but not limited to the deliberate ramming, blocking or intentional contact with another rider, or for running into an official.
8.Team Tactics are prohibited, and include but are not limited to: altering the race course, marking the race course, blocking course lines, blocking riders, allowing another rider to pass in order to affect the outcome of the race, or exchanging machines in order for another rider to continue the race. Riders, team members or spectators involved will be penalized, including but not limited to disqualification, removal and suspension from CORCS.
9.Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Persons whose appearance, conduct, associations or affiliations, on or off the track, deemed harmful or not conducive to the best interest of the sport or who exhibit conduct which is inappropriate, offensive, abrasive or in bad taste, may be excluded or suspended from CORCS at the discretion of the Race Director.
Participants engaged in any event, public appearance, media activity or any other situation relating to their participation in the series must refrain from intentional physical contact with any participant, inappropriate or profane language, fraud, and unsportsmanlike behavior. At the sole discretion of CORCS, participants who exhibit behaviors deemed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike, prejudicial or detrimental to the best interests of the sport, or detract from the enjoyment, appreciation or interests of the fans, sponsors or other supporters of the sport, may be penalized by disqualification, docking of championship points, or both. Such penalties are not subject to protest or appeal.

1.The following number plate color codes are required:
2.Front plate numbers must be a minimum of 5.5” H. 
3.Side plate numbers must be a minimum of 3” H. The remaining space may be used for rider sponsor signage.
4.Race numbers must be clearly visible on both sides of the bike.
5.ATV machines must have a number plate with rider number mounted on the front and rear grab bar. No horizontally “fender mounted” numbers permitted.
1.The race officially ends for all contestants at the completion of the lap in which the checkered flag is displayed to the overall winner.
2.To be considered as having completed a lap, the rider must remain with his machine with his helmet on, at all times, and both rider and machine must cross the plane of the checkered flag under the rider’s own unaided ability. No credit will be given for any distance covered during which time the rider’s helmet was removed.
3.Towing is not allowed. Racers whose disabled vehicles are towed back to the pit area by staff or otherwise, for any reason, are not eligible to return to competition. Any laps earned by a racer that returns to competition after receiving a tow back to the pit area will be removed. If a racer desires to repair their machine and return to the competition, they must decline the offer to tow their vehicle back to the pit area. This rule does not apply to racers towed only a short distance in order to dislodge the vehicle from a track obstacle (i.e., mud pit, deep rut, ravine, etc.).
4.Riders will be scored in order of their finish and number of laps completed. It is not necessary to complete all laps in order to receive a score. Riders must complete at least one lap and pass through scoring chute for a finish.
5.Results: A rider may question the results within the 30-minute period following posting of the final results. After 30 minutes, awards will be given out and results will be final unless a protest is pending.
6.Protests must be in writing and comply with the CORCS Protest Procedure. Riders may only protest matters regarding a class in which they were a registered participant.
7.Penalties will be assessed at the discretion of the Race Director based on the severity of the offense, and may include one or more of the following: position(s), lap(s), time adjustment, disqualification, suspension, loss of championship points, fine, probation.
8.Awards are given at the rate of 1 per 3 riders, with a maximum of 5 awards per class. To win an award, a rider must complete 50% of the laps of the class winner. 
L. Year End Points
1. There are seven events for 2020, there is one drop. That means your best six finishes will count regardless of how many events you do. You must finish at least four events to qualify for year end awards. In the case of a total cancellation of an event, there will still be one drop, best five finishes will count, and still need four finishes to qualify for an award. 
2. Year end points ties will be broken in the following order:
a. The rider who accumulates the points in the fewest number of races. Ex: One rider gets points for five events, the other takes six to gain the same number of points. The rider with five events wins the tie breaker based on lower scores per event. 
b. In the case of the same number of events, the rider who finished higher in the last head to head competition breaks the tie.

M. Cancellations, reschedules and refunds
1. Any cancellation or reschedule of an event prior to race day will have all pre-entry fees refunded. 
2. If an event is interrupted or stopped while in progress, due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstance, it will be deemed final as long as one full lap has been completed. If any individual races are unable to be run on race day, due to the same circumstance, those events will be transferred to an upcoming event where a “make up” race will be scheduled. Depending on the circumstance, the promoter may opt to do a complete make up event at their discretion. Refunds will not be given for any race that completes a lap or is rescheduled for a make up date. Refunds will only be given for a complete cancellation of a date. Please check weather conditions before heading out to any event and be sure you are comfortable with the conditions. 
3. If after the parade lap, you feel uncomfortable with course conditions, weather conditions, your personal or machine condition, or anything else, you may proceed directly to the sign-up trailer for a refund or future event voucher (at the promoters discretion). If you choose to compete after the parade lap, you are acknowledging you are comfortable with all the above listed conditions and your safety in general, and are willing and able to compete. Your entry fee will be considered final once you leave the start line. Refunds do not include gate fee, only entry fee. 
4. Memberships are non-refundable

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