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Click the button below to pre-register for the 2021 season. This will allow you to lock in the bike number of your choice for the season and save us both time at the sign-up table. If you raced with us in 2020, your number is reserved until 2/5. On 2/6 all remaining numbers will be available on a first come, first serve basis. All memberships completed by 3/19, will receive a $10 "Gas Card" from Rocky Mountain M/C.  
If you have raced with us last year, you are in our database already! Just enter your name and be sure your address and other info is correct and pick a number. If you are a new member, you must enter your name in the search box, and then you will be guided to an "add new" link. 

Please check number availability before registering! Click on "Bike#" in the upper left corner to put them in numerical order. A number is only issued once per season, to one rider, although a rider can ride multiple classes with the same number. If you choose a number already selected, we can't give it to you. In that case, we will select one for you, please check availability!

You only need to do this once, for the whole season, this is not race day registration. If you would like to change your number please send an e-mail from the "contact" page. 

CORCS membership is $35 for 2021. You do not need to be a member to race, but members do enjoy a $10 discount on entry fee per race. We accept pay-pal or you can mail payment to: CORCS, PO Box 1025, Palmer Lake Co. 80133. We will hold a number for 7 days while awaiting payment through the mail. CORCS memberships are non-refundable. 

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^^^^This is the page you should be looking at to determine number availability. ^^^^ On the top bar, you need to: "Select Year" = 2021 and "Select View" = Bike# List. The "Select Moto" is not important in this window. Next, on the red bar directly below, click on "Bike#". This will put everybody in numerical order and make it easy to scroll down and look for available numbers.  
^^^^^ If you are looking at this page, it is the wrong one. That's because it is now showing numbers by race, not in total use. So, even though the number you want may not show here, it is quite possibly in use in another race. If you choose a number from this page, It is just about guaranteed that it is already in use, and that means, we will be picking your number for you instead. Please re-review the instructions above. 
Class advancements for 2021

B to A Class:

Erik Wollman
Trevor Floyd
Ryder Horrell
Raice Hernandez
Kyle Bennett
James Mayuric
Michael Immell
Duane Hulse
Justin Stolz

C to B Class: 

Conner Herbruck
Kein McIntyre
Chris Belanger
Cortland Kobilan
Kyle LaPointe
Isaac Pettingill
Tanner Stewart
Zack Palmquist
Josh Dauenhauer
Ryan Brown
Bret Petrie
Jason Beek
John Bendrat
Brad Stamp
Wade Gann
Zachary Lollar
Kaylee Gatzke
Zilla Scott Lapp

Youth to C
Tristin Kemp
Michael Chamberlain
Owen Ledbetter

The following riders have advanced in the Saturday program and are no longer eligible for their former class

Owen Ledbetter   No longer eligible for Mini 4
Hunter Graves         Mini 4 7-11 to Mini 4
Gregory Walker      Mini 4 7-11 to Mini 4
Nash Duncan          Mini 2- Mini 3
Josiah Walker       Mini 2-Mini 3
Caleb Dimmick      Mini 2- Mini 3
Ruke Dyar            Mini 1- Mini 2
Blake Barsh         Mini Quad 1- Mini Quad 2
Gavin Farve        Mini Quad 1 - Mini Quad 2

Congratulations all did an outstanding job, with a greater amount of top three class finishes, than not. 

Vet/Sen/Sup.Sen/Masters/Jr. Series: You must ride the class you are old enough for at the day of the race. If you are riding for series points, but will be having a birthday during the series, your points will not transfer to the new class if you change. 

*****New Class Notice*****

We have added a new class specifically for our Active Duty and Service Veteran members. It is called the "Warrior" class and is an Open, run what ya brung class for current and previous armed service members. It will feature points and trophies and promote camadrie through racing. You can join this class as a member, or race it in addition to you normal class. It will run on the Sportsman line in the C2 event. Contact: for more info

Below are the reserved numbers for our top 10 racers in 2020. These riders are not required to use this number, but we consider it a badge of honor to run them for the season. 

1. Bryce Smith 
2. Kyle DeRoche
3. Blake Donatelli
4. Karl Brown
5. Carson Giles
6. Will Plummer
7. JP Green
8. Shaun Haase
9. Clayton Gerstner
10.Tyler Stubbe

Additionally, numbers 11-20 are reserved for our internal use.  

Gentlemen, if choose to run your earned number, your normal number will also be reserved for you to go back to. 

Congratulations on an outstanding season!

Moto Tally has added a new registration option that says "Request Bike# for the season." DO NOT use this option. To reserve your number, you must purchase a membership using the top row option "Sign up for a membership" Sorry for the confusion, but we have no way to hide or disable this. If your number request comes in without membership payment, it will be disregarded. 

Minor Waiver......must be signed by both parents and notarized >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(individual forms for each parent ok) 
FAF Graphics has an easy go to page for ordering numbers graphics. Click here to go to the page >>>>>>>>>>>>
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