The "Longest Day" 12Hr. Team Endurance Race is brought to you by The Law Offices of Peter Anderson and Endurospec Suspension and is a for fun event that does not pay CORCS points. It is a relay type event with one rider per team on the course at a time. 

It will run on Saturday, July 24 and will be based out of RAM Offroad Park. The course will include Aztec, Wildrat and RAM Offroad Park, combined for a goal of a 10 mi. lap. Gates for RAM will open at 12pm Fri. for camping. There will be no camping or vehicles at Wildrat or Aztec. 

Gate fee at RAM is $15 per person, racers and spectators. Kids under 12 $10, dogs must be kept on leash. There will be concessions on site 

There will be an open practice session at 7am for everyone. The race will begin at 8am sharp and end at 8pm sharp. Lights are not necessary, as it will be dusk at the conclusion, but it would be wise to have at least one bike with lights for the final lap or two just in case. 

Teams can consist of up to four riders and four bikes, or one rider on one bike (Iron Man class)

Classes are: A, B, C, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+, Youth 16 under, Family, Iron Man, Women's and Vintage. Sorry, no quads. 

A team is classified by it's Highest skill level rider, or the youngest for age classification. There is no skill level classification for the age group, women or vintage classes

Example: 3 "B" riders and 1 "A" rider = "A" Team
              3 "40+" riders and one "30+" rider = 30+ Team

16 and under: 150cc Max, no 250F's

Vintage: Any bikes 20 yrs. and older. 2001 would be the cutoff. 

If a class has less than three teams, they may be merged with a similar class at CORCS discretion. 

2021 12 HR. RULES

1) Teams may have one bike for every rider on the team. Any rider can ride any bike on the team, but once a number decal has been placed on a bike, it cannot be removed and put on another machine. 

2) All registered team riders must complete at least one lap, beyond that, it is up to each team to devise their race strategy, there is only a minimum of one lap, and no maximum laps per rider. 

3) The rider on the course must have the supplied wristband on. It is to be exchanged during a rider change. And shown when passing through scoring. No wristband, no score for that lap. 

4) If a rider or bike goes down out on the course, another team member may leave the pits and follow the course to the stalled rider, retrieve the wristband and complete the lap. No course cutting on the way to the rider. 

5) All team bikes must remain in the pits when not on the course. All rider exchanges and fueling must be done in the pits. Max speed in the pits is 10mph or first gear. There is a pits bypass if you're not stopping. 

6) All starting riders will start on the same line at 8am sharp, and the race will conclude at 8 pm sharp. Any laps not completed at 8pm will not count. 
Example: Lap finish time of 7:59:50 counts, Lap finish of 8:00:10 does not

7) We have a complimentary drink for all racers at the conclusion of the race. Please help yourself. 

8) Pits are first come first serve. Spacing will be tight; you are allotted approximately 20' of pit row space. Please be courteous to your fellow competitors and don't take more than your allotment. 

9) If you are a CORCS member, you will use your regular race number. Non- members will be supplied numbers for the event. CORCS membership is not required.

10) There is NO course cutting allowed. If you leave the course, you MUST re-enter in the same place you left it. Any rider observed cutting the course will be penalized 5 min., even if no advantage is gained. Just don't do it please! 

10) Awards will be given out at the conclusion of the event. 


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